Thursday, May 31, 2012

Radiant Testimonies from the first 12 weeks

• A visiting pastor described Radiant as “unique and fresh”. “I see the church I have preached about but had never seen it. Now I have seen it.”

• Another visiting pastor said, "This is birthed by the Holy Spirit."

• One man said, “I went home and read the Bible for 4 hours after church. I have never done that before.” “I am now in a regular pattern of reading my Bible.”

• “Refreshing and relaxing- peaceful and comfortable.”

• A teenager said, “I am set free, Love brought the wall down.”

• “I am experiencing intimacy in small groups on Sunday.”

• Radiant is non-structured and non-churchy.

• One lady said, “The hospitality is comforting.”

• “The fact that you set out tea instead of just coffee made me feel so special. Everywhere else just does coffee but I don’t drink it.”

• I feel “pampered”.

• One man said, “I literally felt my back straighten up after the heavy weights of religion were broken off of me. I feel free.”

• One young woman reported, “I feel a great level of freedom. I feel valued because I am asked for my input.”

• “I was healed from a terrible sinus infection during the worship time.”

• “This is real, not put on.”

• One woman declared, “I am walking in a greater victory than ever before.”

• Another woman remarked, “When you called to check on me it meant so much.”

• “The waitress I met came to church and her son prayed to receive Christ.”

• A young man has been reaching out to a 19 year old man in the Wicca religion and he has now prayed to receive Christ and came to the cookout.

• Several leaders who were out of church for a long time are now deeply involved.

• One couple said, “We never felt connected in a church before and we have gone to many. We feel connected now and are valued and flowing in our gifts.”

• One man said that the love of God has changed him from being critical and harsh toward people and is now feeling love and forgiveness instead. He is now reading the Bible daily for the first time in his life and is very hungry for God.

• One woman reported that she had been deeply hurt by pastors in the past and was now free from that pain. “I woke up the next day and I was free after we prayed together.”

• One man in his 80’s said, “I always knew church could be like this, but I had never experienced it until now.”

• One young woman received an instantaneous healing for her knee that had been injured three weeks earlier.

• From Facebook one visitor wrote, “We were at my cousin Sharon's to celebrate her Birthday and we went to church with her.  We really enjoyed the service.  It was very uplifting & everyone was so friendly & very caring of each other.  They had a wonderful service of discussing the love Jesus has for each and every one of us and made you feel like you were special.  I loved my experience and when I am visiting my cousin again we will be sure to attend church service with them again.”

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