Friday, May 11, 2012

Faith is a Gift from our Father

We have met a new family that has become a blessing in our lives. James, Gabriella and their two boys along with their friend Ian are living at Caleb and Carolina's house for a season. James and group are here from England where they have ministered for years. We have had some great talks this week. One that has been the center of it all for me is the thought that faith is a gift from God. Like the other gifts our Father bestows upon His children in Christ, He also deposits the very essence of His faith within His own.  He has deposited the very seed of His own faith within me. Wow!! There is greater revelation in this for all of us. We will have an open discussion on this topic Sunday morning with James, myself and Radiant Church at 10am. All are welcome. Have a Radiant Day!

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