Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"In Christ" the Epicenter of God's Favor

An epicenter is the part of the earth's surface just above an earthquake. It is a focal point of power being released. In the case of Christ, the epicenter was not caused by an earthquake below but an open heaven. When Christ walked the earth, He was a manifestation of God's nature and God's power. Wherever He stood, the world was shaken because Heaven was open above Him. To Him the Father declared, "In Him I am well pleased." This open Heaven is the place of God's favor. Favor that looks like amazing grace and enduring love. Favor that brings us into acceptance and even adoption as sons and daughters. The open Heaven of God's favor is eternally upon the life of Jesus Christ- totally.

The New Testiment repeatedly uses the phrase, "In Him" or "In Christ". The fact that we become united with Christ when we believe is a mystery for sure. Being "in Christ" places us in the epicenter of God's favor. Every blessing, every promise, every gift and every calling upon God's people is the direct result of abiding "in Christ".

At Radiant Church over the next two Sundays (July 8,15) we will continue teaching about this wonderful position, along with the blessings and promises that are ours as a result of being "In Christ"- the epicenter of God's favor.

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